The Hill Diner and the Firefighters

Owner Denise Lane decided to stay open. Not to make money, just the opposite. To feed the firefighters that are saving the towns of Los Alamos, White Rock and Cochiti Lake. Denise and her crew of volunteers have cooked nearly 2,000 free meals since the fire started.

When we read about the story on today we had to do something. So we called Denise and said “What do you need right now, we have a Sam’s Club Card and a Truck.” What we delivered today will only help to feed some 500 firefighters one meal.

People want to help. But the logistics of getting food up the hill is dicey. The National Guard isn’t keen on a bunch of traffic right now.

If you’d like to help buy the groceries for the hill diner, go to any Del Norte Credit Union branch and make a donation. Oh, except for the Los Alamos branch because it’s closed due to the fire.