Don’t Mess with Texas

I’m in Big D – the Lone Star State. The state with the motto “Don’t mess with us.” I saw real cowboys in the hotel lobby this morning. With spurs and chaps and hats and everything. My breakfast waffle was in the shape of Texas. I have to admire their brand. Very few states can sell stepping stones at Home Depot in their likeness. But Texas – very proud.

I’m a transplant to New Mexico. Sometimes I feel like we’re not even on the map. When the national weather is on, the forecaster dude/chick usually parks their caboose in front of us and points to their left (your right) to Texas’ amazing heat wave, wind, monsoons, etc. and to their right (your left) at the heat, wind, dust storms, monsoons, in Arizona.

Contrary to popular belief you DON’T need a passport to come visit me. We are in the continental US – the lower 48 – the 5th largest state by land mass wedged between TX and AZ.

Oh, and we don’t have to say “Don’t Mess with New Mexico.” Instead, we prefer to be known as the Land of Enchantment.

Our state capital is a mile and a HALF high.

Our state flower is a cactus.

Our state bird can kill a rattle snake.

Enough said.


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