Back To School with Backpacks

I know that kids have been back to school for a couple of weeks now, but this morning I hit it just right and got to see the bus unloading at our local grade school. One by one the little tykes filed off the bus – all wearing big old backpacks filled with their books and supplies and lunches.

Can you imagine being the one kid that didn’t have a backpack? Because your parents couldn’t afford it? We can’t and that’s why this year DNCU took up the backpackĀ challenge with the LANL Community and helped stuff Gus the Bus.

Their goal this year was to collect 1000 backpacks for kids in need – and they exceeded that goal by 200!

Gus and his Bus were at our Los Alamos branch last month to pick up the 25 backpacks donated by Del Norte staff. We also purchased the tee-shirts for the Kicks for Kids Fun Run that same week.

It’s tough enough being a kid these days without worrying about your school supplies. We are committed to supporting our moms and kids in our communities.


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