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Thinking Pink for a Cause

There are so many worthy causes to support in the Land of Enchantment – and one that we hold near and dear to our heart – the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.

This year we Del Norte Credit Union had 18 employees on their walking team. And individually they helped raise more than $4000.00 for Making Strides. How did they do it?

$1000 for raffle tickets. Thank you to the local businesses in Espanola and Santa Fe for your support and the Bishop’s Lodge for donating the grand prize.

Big thank you to all the people that went online and made $1600 in donations.

Thank you to all the hungry music fans that consumed $400 worth of Frito Pies at the Gordon’s Summer Concert sponsored by DNCU.

We sold pink items (shirts, wigs, pins) for another $1300 and

Thank you to our partner Panda Express – all of our members that brought in the DNCU flyer for one business day – you generated another $100 in donations.


Shred it!

I can remember my Grandpa burning all of his paper weekly in the fireplace. He had a little trash can next to the real trash can for all paper products.  Not just his newspapers, he would burn used napkins and paper towels, dixie cups, and of course the mail. He was very frugal (Depression Era baby) so this cut down on the cost of hauling away his trash.  That was back in the 1970’s before we were educated about “being green.” It never occurred to Grandpa that he was polluting the environment with his fire smoke. Then again, that generation didn’t think inhaling smoke into their lungs would have any long term implications either.

But I digress – annually DNCU gives their members the opportunity to safely recycle their personal documents. Those old statements, bills, direct mail pieces with personal information (sorry we can’t take your used napkins and dixie cups) will be shredded to pieces and of course lovingly recycled.

Last week-end the citizens of Espanola shred 1180 pounds of paper and had some fun and education while they were at it. The Espanola Fire Department brought two big fire trucks and an ambulance to the branch and provided fire safety training for the kids. They were also treated to face painting by a local Santa Fe artist.

I’m sure if my Grandpa was still alive he would definitely come to shred day. Because it’s free!

Mom’s are a Big Deal to Us.

That’s why this year we started the first annual “Make mom a gift for Mother’s Day” event. ‘

As a locally owned financial co-op we feel it’s important to promote home grown companies. That’s why we partnered with local artists to make it a huge success.

In Espanola – the Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center hosted 38 DNCU kids and their dads, aunts, and grandmas. They had a choice between painting a ceramic butterfly fridge magnet or a turtle shell business card holder for mom. Don’t you just love arts & crafts!?

Thank you to the ARTbarn in Santa Fe for helping 48 kids make tin milagros for mom. And up the hill we partnered with the Los Alamos Arts & Crafts Fair at Fuller Lodge where we had 38 little people decorating picture frames for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Del Norte Moms!

Our trees are safe.

Beginning February 1st, we asked our members to consider switching to electronic staetments, rather than receiving paper statements in the mail. You know, save some trees, some postage, some time.  

We are so excited to announce that in the last ten weeks 1,714 members committed to reducing their carbon footprint and have saved their member-owned financial cooperative (DNCU) $13,757.00 annually.

We have a total 8,047 members with e-statements now. Each week we drew an e-statement member’s name and presented them with a $500 gift card to Santa Fe Greenhouses. It’s our way of saying thanks – for not killing trees.




Go Green!

It’s hard to believe it’s spring. Snow in the west – record high temperatures in Chicago. It’s bananas! Here in the north of New Mexico we had it all last week. Snow, wind, sun, wind, rain, wind, wind. I don’t know about y’all but I am ready for spring. Like flowers blooming, outside dining, open-toed shoe wearing weather.

To bring in the hope of spring we launched a fun promotion last month. If you are signed up for e-statements with DNCU you are eligible for a weekly drawing for a $500 gift card to Santa Fe Greenhouses. We are at the midpoint of our promotion and I’m happy to report that our members have saved their credit union $8441.00 a year in statement printing and postage. Thank you to the 1,062 members that recently signed up and to the 7,395 members that are commmitted to geting their statements electronically.


There’s still time – we have five more $500 gift cards to give away.  

Everybody say, “Ho, Ho, Ho…”

If you believe – you want to get your picture taken with Santa. We believe it should be as easy as possible. No fighting for parking at the mall and waiting in a long line and having to pay big bucks.

That’s why this year Santa is coming to Del Norte Credit Union branches – you can do your banking, and get your child’s picture with Santa. It’s our gift to you!

December 14th at the Cordova Branch
December 15th at DeVargas and
December 21st at the Cerrillos Branch.

Merry Christmas!